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I have missed my birthday.

To celebrate I will put up a widget of my most popular posts in case anyone has missed them, or would like to revisit them.

I must apologise for the gaps in my posting history over the last two years, sometimes life has just got on top of me and I have ‘dried up’ or not felt I had anything worth posting about.  Mind you, I never feel I have anything worth reading anyway, just things that I want to record.

It seems extraordinary that so many posts have been read: now I am  going also to add a countdown to 50,000: numbers that I never, ever dreamed of.

Happy Birthday - happy-birthday, 2, be-happy, happy-or-sad, happy-birthday-birthday Pictures

So, a very big

to all those who have kept looking-in despite the arid patches.

Good health and happiness to you all:)

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