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I was editing the next part of my Scottish trip but this morning we had to have our beloved Minstrel put down due to a dreadful and terminal attack of colic.



I will get back to you when I have recovered myself a bit.  The kindest most good natured horse I have ever known.  We had him for nearly 20 years.  Our wonderful vet would have tried anything and so would we but he said that he was in agony and the journey alone to the vet hospital would be purgatory, then months and months of pain and terrible distress, and for a pony in his late 20s that was unkind to say the least.

The guilt is what is getting to me the worst.  Yesterday I thought he looked a bit under the weather but nothing to make me worry and I was bone tired and hardly able to stand myself.  If only I had taken action then and not fallen into bed.  My husband gave them their evening feeds and noticed nothing amiss but I should have gone to check myself.  But by this morning it was too late.

Life is full of ‘if onlys’.

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